How To: Set Google Drive as the Default Documents Folder in Windows

Cloud storages have always proved to be way too good to those business savvy people who love to move everywhere with their documents in hands. Instead of carrying them in secondary storage devices, these cloud storage devices can be used, which make it easier for people to access the files from any computer.


It was just a few weeks back when Google Drive was launched and that cloud storage device has been doing a really great job. When compared to the Skydrive and Dropbox, Google Drive seems to be far better in my opinion, owing to it’s Windows application. With that in hands, syncing files have become a lot more easy. A simply drag-and-drop or Send-To Google Drive folder, will make sure that the files are uploaded to your Google Drive account.

And now, if you ever wanted to set Google Drive as your default Documents folder, you can do so with this simple trick. Enabling this will ensure that all the documents that you save are saved in the Google Drive folder, making it easier for you to upload them to Google Drive and use for future purposes.

  • Right click on the current documents folder and hit the “Properties” button.
  • Now select the button named “Include a folder…” and select the “Google Drive” folder.
  • After the folder gets added as an option, select it and hit the “Set save location” button.
  • Later, select any option as per your requirement, to choose the types of files, from your drop down list “Optimize this library for:”.
  • Finally, hit “Apply” and then “OK”.
That’s it. You have just set Google Drive as the default folder for documents in your Windows powered computer. If you still have any doubts, feel free to contact me in the comments section below.