How to trace a sender’s information in Gmail?

Now a days email spoofing has been a very common act, there are tons of softwares which can be used for email spoofing. Alot of scammers use mail bombing along with email spoofing, As you know that this blog is for beginners so i will first explain what is mail bombing? andwhat is email spoofing? and then will explain you How to trace a sender in Gmail!

What is Email Spoofing?

Email spoofing is an act to sent an email from an email which does not belong to you, this is mostly used for scamming people, Hackers use it as a medium for social engineering
For Example If a user gets a phishing scam asking to update his login information, the senders email is something like, this would make the victim suspicious and he/she will not pay attention to this email but on the other hand if the email is from or the victim would probably feel that the email is from real sender and he/she would give his login details

What is Mail bombing?

A Mail bombing is sending a mass number of emails to a specific person or system.A huge amount of mail may simply fill up the recipient’s disk space on the server or, in some cases, may be too much for a server to handle and may cause the server to stop functioning

Combining Mail bombing with Email

A few days back when I opened my Gmail ID, I noticed that i had received 5000+ emails those all emails looked that they were from different senders as each email’s body was same but the email addresses keep changing, The email was full with abuses but I ignored it because I though some one might be jealous with my success in the field of Ethical Hacking and security

For example: The first email will be the others numbers before @ would change in every email.
I was receiving 100+ emails per second, A normal user would create a spam filter for one of the email but this wont stop the attack as the email is the spoofed email not the real email, so here is how I traced the sender’s information in Gmail

Tracing a Senders information in Gmail

You must be curious to know that how I traced senders information in gmail, some of you might ask how to trace sender’s information in Hotmail or Yahoo, so I will explain it in upcoming articles in my blog as these are not the part of the article

Here is the step by step method to trace a sender’s information in Gmail

1.Open the Email in Gmail you want to trace

2.Click on More Options and Click on “Show originals

Refer to Image for More details:

3. Now a new Window will pop up like this and there see the highlighted area

Trace a sender in Gmail

4. Check the first line “” ip=

That’s The Ip of The sender. now to trace the sender using this ip.

5. Open this site

Trace a sender in Gmail

Enter the IP address and click on submit

Trace a sender in Gmail

Hope you have liked the article to trace a sender’s information in Gmail!!