How to tweet via SMS

Twitter is meant to be used via mobile phones through SMS. Unfortunately in India, only few providers like airtel provides this service. If you use any other network you will need Internet enabled on your phone to tweet.  helps you to tweet using any provider, without using internet, through a simple sms.

  [stextbox id=”info”]This post is for the following people[/stextbox]

  1. People who feel 3G/GPRS is too costly
  2. People who don’t own flashy mobile handsets
  3. Twitter addicts who need to tweet any thing and every thing all the time
  4. people who are fed up with the numerous twitter clients out there
  5. People who are fed up with premium SMS


Step 1: Go to using  your browser,you will get the following screen

Step 2: Click on Sign in using twitter and authorise application by entering your twitter user name and password 

Step 3: You will be logged in successfully,then the following screen will appear, and click the profile button as shown below.

 Step 4: Once the profile button is clicked the following screen appears,Enter your phone number and click add

Step 5: Congratulations you have successfully configured your mobile phone,now its time to tweet.

Step 6: To send a sms tweet type “TWT<space><your tweet>” and send it to the telephone number 9243000111

Example: I sent  “TWT  Hello every one have a good day” to 9243000111, and It is posted to twitter as shown below

Please note that the number 9243000111 is a Karnataka number,So you will be charged based on your sms plan, mostly national sms costs Rs 1.50, where as premium sms costs between  Rs 3-5 , and it is not supported by most service providers.