How To: Unlock Golden Eggs in Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a multi-platform game. We have talked a lot about it previously. This is a great game which addicts us. There are many factors that makes this addiction enjoyable. The important one among them is the Golden Eggs.


Golden Eggs are bonus levels, hidden in Angry Birds. What is nice about them is, the mixture of conventional and non-conventional places were they are hidden. Golden egg levels can be more fun and interesting than the normal ones.

There are many types of Golden Eggs which unlock various aspects of the game. The standard ones unlocks additional levels which can be accessed from the game’s Episode selection menu. If you complete each episode with three stars on every level in it, you unlock a mini-game related to that particular episode. There are currently 22 Golden Eggs in the game.

This guide will help you unlock those Golden Eggs with ease. A few Golden Eggs have videos for them, click them to understand them more clearly.

Golden Egg #1: Tap the sun located on the Episode selection screen until the Egg pops up.

Golden Egg #2: Destroy the beach ball in level 2-2.

Golden Egg #3: After you unlock the White Bird in 2-14, go the game’s help menu and tap the check mark four times. On the help screen for the White Bird you’ll see it shooting out a Golden Egg instead of a white one. Tap the Egg to unlock it.

Golden Egg #4: Tap the treasure chest in 1-8 until it pops open.

Golden Egg #5: Open the credits screen, scroll down, and tape on the Golden Egg at the bottom.

Golden Egg #6: Get 189 stars in Poached Eggs.

Golden Egg #7: Get 126 stars in Mighty Hoax.

Golden Egg #8: Get 135 stars in Danger Above.

Golden Egg #9: Get 135 stars in The Big Setup.

Golden Egg #10: Get 144 stars in Ham ‘Em High.

Golden Egg #11: Visit 5-19; Fire a bird at the Golden Egg suspended above the rocket ship.

Golden Egg #12: Visit 4-7; The egg is on the right hand side cliff, hit it with a Yellow Bird.

Golden Egg #13: Visit 6-14; Use a Boomerang Bird to loop around the treehouse and hit the balloon under it.

Golden Egg #14: Open up the Episode guide for Danger Above. Scroll all the way to the right, if you scroll beyond the last level selection screen you’ll see an egg. Click fast!

Golden Egg #15: Visit level 8-15; Under the slingshot platform there is a hidden Egg. Bounce a bird off the trampoline to hit it.

Golden Egg #16: Visit 9-14; Up on the cliff there is a construction hat, use a Boomerang Bird to knock it down and reveal the egg.

Golden Egg #17: Visit 10-3; Use the large Big Brother Bird to bash open the duck statue.

Golden Egg #18: Visit 11-15; The Egg is behind the slingshot platform, nail it with a Boomerang Bird.

Golden Egg #19: Visit 12-12; Smash the trophy with a Yellow Bird.

Golden Egg #20: Visit 13-10; Use a White Bird to cut the rope on the cliff to release the Egg.

Golden Egg #21: Visit 14-4; Use the Yellow Bird to to hit the Golden Egg atop the cliff.

Golden Egg #22: Known as the Super Bowl egg (because of the Super Bowl tie in), it requires some acrobatics with the White Bird that include firing it backwards and straight up. You’ll want to watch the video for this one.

Hope this guide helped you. Share your experiences with Angry birds here. 🙂