How To: Write About Us Page for Blogs

Being a blogger I visit hundreds of blog, some catches my attention and to some I pass on. But after my research I have noticed one thing that some blogs do have about us page and many just don’t even bother to add it. Not only has this, the ones who had added the page not pitched it correctly. So one conclusion I came to is that, we all need to work on our About Pages.

What is an About Page and Its Importance?

About US page whether it is of a website or a blog tells about the owner of the blog. Let the reader know what all about your blog is and how they can contact you. Someone visiting your blog first time is most likely to visit your about us page, to know about the one who owns the blog. Just to get a feel for whom you are actually.

About us page is an important page of a blog which bloggers can’t ignore to have on their blogs. It’s like your online resume. Like through this page you are greeting the readers or anyone who visit your blog. It can really help you in impressing the marketers, visitors coming to your blog. So every blogger should put in some time and effort in pitching their about us page.


Basic About Us Page Inclusions

  • Your Image: Adding a picture of yours on about us page helps the readers to connect to what they are reading with more personal touch.
  • Small Overview of What Your Blog is all about: Write a short paragraph explaining what your blog is about, what issues it deals with. Here you can let your readers know why your blog is different from others in the niche. You can chalk down the points which make you special and different from others.
  • Contact information – How your readers can connect to you: Many visitors of your blog would want to contact you. Prominently display your email address on your blog’s sidebar, contact us page and also and in your About Us page. Publishing your correct contact information is important as there are many marketers who will use it to contact you.
  • Share Some Interesting Information: Its wholly depends upon the blogger that what amount of personal information he wants to share with his readers. But whatever you write, pen down it in interesting manner. It should arouse some interest in the reader.
  • Stare Your Goal: It can be your life goal or the motive behind building the blog. Or just your introduction to connect to more and more people.

Strict No’s for Your about Us Page

After knowing what should be added on your about Us page, let’s see what all needs to be avoided. Your About Us page should be short and pleasant to read. Avoid including:

  • Your Biography: As a reader, one will be only interested in knowing what you’re doing now.  Unless your blog is directly or indirectly related to your childhood, no need to include it.
  • Your To do List:  As I have already mentioned that about us pages are like virtual digital “Hello” in that you do not need to mention all hundred thing you have planned to do in your life.
  • Don’t talk About here and there. Keep your information short and simple.

Customize Your About Us Page

Your blogs About page can be used for many other purposes. Therefore, it needs to be taken seriously. Here are few ideas to customize it as per your needs.

  • Helps To Establish You As an authority in Your Niche. If you have links to online videos of yours, published interview in the online version of some newspaper. Mention the links of the online published articles written by you. Testimonials you have received for your remarkable for done.
  • Express Your wish of doing some particular professional work: Include information about your past work experience and why someone or a company would want to hire you. Tell them about the specify qualities of you and your work which sets you apart from others in your niche.
  • Find Sponsors for an Event: Include information about exactly what you are looking for and what you will give in return to the company.

So if you have not thought of your about us page earlier, go back and re-work on it and do share in comments what difference it made to your blog popularity.