HP Says No to Windows Phone 7

Hewlett Packard (HP) announced that they are not going to concentrate on mobile devices operating with windows phone 7 operating system. Rather they are going to concentrate on WebOS which is a property of Palm computers which they bought recently.


HP is planning to make the WebOS a grand success by turning its attention towards it. WebOS has a great future if more attention is given to it, because like the android the WebOS is also an open source Operating system developed mainly from HTML so many developers may find it easy to create apps for the platform.

HP executive vice president Todd Bradley has revealed why, telling Electronista that with the $1.2 billion deal to buy Palm now finally wrapped up, HP is throwing its weight fully behind webOS.

“Our intent is to focus those resources and really make webOS the best OS it can be,” Bradley said.

It may be a major blow for Microsoft because already Symbian OS, Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android OS  and RIM’s OS have taken up most of the market share leaving Windows Phone OS at the last, if HP decides to leave Microsoft then it would be a great problem for Microsoft as they don’t have many other partnerships in the mobile business.

In January, however, the company was Microsoft’s chosen hardware partner for a Windows 7-based tablet concept dubbed the Slate, which was announced by Steve Ballmer at CES. That project has now been restricted purely to an enterprise product, with the rumoured webOS-based PalmPad now expected to lead the company’s tablet assault on the consumer front.

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