Hulu Plus Vs Netflix [Infographic]

Hulu Plus and Netflix are two of the top subscription streaming services in the United States. Which one among them is the most used and popular among the people ?

Mashwork conducted a study based on 10,283 tweets between June 28, 2010 and July 6, 2011 and found that 29% of users had a Netflix account while 20% had a Hulu Plus account and the rest had both the accounts.


According to this study, it is clear that users prefer Netflix over Hulu plus and it is understandable since Netflix has been around for longer and supports many devices than Hulu plus and it also has a wide library than Hulu Plus.

But Hulu Plus is improvising its services. Hulu continues to add features, shows and compatible devices to its Hulu Plus lineup. With rumors hanging around saying Google and Yahoo are trying to acquire the service, Hulu’s brand value has increased considerably.

This study based on tweets may not be the most accurate one, but it still let us get an overview of the current situation. Take a look at the infographic for yourself.

So, what is your favorite ? Comment below ! 😀