If Ramayana Was on Facebook

Ramayana was one of the oldest epics of the world. It is a long Epic and it deals with the Life History of Lord Rama. Even now Ramayana is one of the favorite bed time story for most of the Indian kids. It deals with Lord Rama, who was a god born as a prince. He lives 14 years in forest for the deal his father made with his step mother. Later Rama defeats the evil Ravana who abducts Sita, Rama’s wife and become the king of Ayodhya

But Most Generation Y kids in India don’t know the exact story of Ramayana, and many won’t be interested in knowing it too. So, what if Ramayana can be explained in the form of Facebook activities, so that even non hindu and non religious people can understand it, because it is said in the Facebook language. Take a look at the Below picture and Whoa man ! you will surely like it.


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