Important Places’ Images on Google Maps 8 Bit Version

To mark this big day with fun and pranks, Google, today, brought a new ultra cool version of the Google Maps calling it the Google Maps 8 Bit Version. As known to all, Google Maps is a web mapping service application from Google, giving the users’ the access to revolve round the Earth and take a look at places in both Earth view and Maps view. Additionally, Google introduced a new view calling it the Quest view, enabling the users to take a look at the places on the Earth in 8 bit version.


And also, as you read in the title, today I came across a site sporting the images of some really noteworthy and important places in this web. This article highlights the noteworthy White House, Hollywood sign, Taj Mahal and lot more places – how they look in the 8 bit version of this map. Alternatively, you can go round the map and discover lots more places and see how they look in this version of the map.

What’s your thought? Do you think those are ultra cool? Noticed that Hollywood sign? To be really frank, I can’t stop digging into those images! Those are just cool. Seeing them in 8 bit version is fantastic. Agree? And at last, the images were taken from Search Engine Watch. Thanks to those folks.