How To: Increase Your iTunes Play Count Very Soon

Are you an iTunes freak? How long have you been using iTunes to play your favorite songs? If you are an avid iTunes user, you will have noticed the feature with which you can easily sort your playlist by arranging them in the top played order.


All are sure to come across problems. If you have recently re-installed your iTunes software or deleted your playlist, it sure that you will lose all the songs and hence lose the play count. If you want to get back to the previous position, get the play counts back, here is a trick for you that will help you to increase the play count of a song very soon.

[stextbox id=”info”]How to increase the play count immediately[/stextbox]

  • Open your iTunes software
  • Navigate to your playlist
  • Right click your favorite song
  • In the list that pops opt to go inside Get Info
  • Select the Options tab
  • Therein lies two check boxes. One titled Start Time: and the other titled Stop Time:
  • In the Start Time: set the value to one millisecond lesser than the Stop Time: value ( See the picture below for help )
  • Hit the OK button available there.
  • Now, make sure to hit the Repeat button for your favorite song and set the option to play the same song many times.

Voila ! Start playing the song and find the play count of the song increasing at a drastic rate. Make sure to share this trick with all your friends and also make sure to link back to Axleration.