Increase Your Smartphone’s Battery Life [How-To]

One of the major concerns of smartphone users is the battery life. Smartphones do a lot of things and  they consume a lot of energy in that process. Though there have been major breakthroughs and new discoveries made in different aspects of smartphones, there isn’t much new with batteries. We still live with poor batteries for mightier devices. You can make your smartphone last longer than usual, with a few simple and obvious tweaks. The basic is this, we find out the stuff which consume more power and we eliminate them or rather reduce it’s usage. Let’s see how we can increase smartphone battery life.


#1 Switch to energy saving mode.

The first and simplest way to save smartphone battery life is to put it in an energy saving mode. Consider this a first step in your effort to extend the battery life of the phone.

#2 Turn Bluetooth and Wi-Fi off when not in use.

Another energy saving tip is to turn off data connections including the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi especially when you do not really use them. Otherwise the air signal including the wireless connection can significantly use up power and thereby decrease the battery’s life span. As the smartphone works to scan and browse for wireless networks, it uses a lot of power.

#3 Make an adjustment on the screen’s brightness.

The display always consumes a better part of the power consumed by smartphones. You can save a lot of power by doing one simple change – adjusting your screen’s brightness to a lower level, so that the battery lasts longer.

#4 Consider talking more and texting less.

You may like to send texts and emails and you may be thinking it uses less power than talk time. But it is actually the other way around. It has actually been recorded that data connections use between 2 and 4 times more than a voice connection would consume.

#5 Update you smartphone OS.

Newer OS versions have improved power consumption. So whenever there is a newer OS version available, make it a point to get it. That is if you want to save your phone’s battery life.

#6 Have a battery charging plan.

When you attempt to devise a charging plan for your phone’s battery, make sure to check what kind of battery your smartphone uses first. If it is a Nickel-based battery, it is important that you consume all its power content first before charging the battery again. If you have a Lithium ion battery though, you can recharge it without the need to use up all the battery’s power first.

#7 Minimize the use of animation on your smartphone.

Some people like having different wall papers with highly animated characters. Others also like browsing online videos as well as animated advertisements on their phones. While this can be fun, it also eats up battery life. If you are more interested in prolonging the use of power, make sure to avoid these activities. This also applies in ringtones. If you want to save battery power, it is best you simplify the use of your smartphone.

Finally, make sure to keep the phone away from heat. You should also avoid exposing the phone in hot places. Overheating would definitely cause a significant damage to the battery cells which can make it die much faster even right after charging. 

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