Inside The Malware Business [Infographic]

Malware is the short form of malicious software. A malware is a piece of software which enters into a computer without the user’s permission and steals the data from the host computer.


Malwares cause millions of dollars lose every year, by stealing critical data as well as attacking resources by forming botnets. Malwares are a serious threat to internet security. There are high chances that your system is already a victim of a malware and maybe a part of a botnet.

These malwares are not just created by enthusiastic computer students. But this spreading of malwares is actually a big business in which hundreds of groups are involved, trying to compromise the security of every computer on the face of this planet.

Take a look at this infographic – flow chart, which clearly depicts how this malware business works. It also tells us the after effects of a malware infected computer system.

Via [ComputerSchool]

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