Instagram Followers

Instagram Followers

The Major Reasons Why your Followers on Instagram is not Growing

If you don’t find your Instagram profile is not getting many followers and even there is a steady drop in the Instagram following, you are not alone. This is a part of the Instagram game as not everyone may love your content throughout the times. Some people are fond of the following & un-follow game, and some others even do it unknowingly.

  • Are you consistently losing Instagram followers?
  • Is the growth of your Instagram account stagnant?
  • Do you think your Instagram activates heading nowhere?

In this article, are trying to figure out some common causes why people unfollow an Instagram brand or influencer. If you take time to read through these points carefully and try to relevantly assess each based on the nature of your Instagram activities, you may be able to identify to find some potholes which you may focus more on.


# You may be using “black hat” methods

Instagram Followers

Using some bots like FollowLiker or Instagress to automate user interactions may not only cause the inauthentic and unengaged following to your Instagram account, but it may also put you in trouble over time.

If you avail of these services without knowing the actual implications, you are actually giving these providers access to your credentials and feeds to automatically – like, comment, follow, and unfollow, etc. This may sound convenient at the first point, but these bots actually violate the Instagram service terms and get your profile shadowbanned.

We can see that Instagram lately was strongly hitting down these types of activities and putting the profiles under “shadow ban” on suspected activities. Even though you find everything working normal, your posts are not reaching to the followers, and your images are not listed under hashtags if there is a shadow ban on. This can be seriously detrimental to your growth and following.

Moreover, know that you may be shadowbanned not only for the use of Autobots. Say for example, if an account is getting reported by the users continuously by seeing inappropriate content or content violating the terms as racially insensitive posts etc. will also be banned. So, if your focus is on getting more followers and growing your account, restrain from such activities and focus on genuine value addition and user engagement to get more followers authentically.


# Posting too much or too less – being inconsistent

If you notice a drain in Instagram followers, then your posting schedule may also be contributing to it. When it comes to social media marketing, consistency is the key to success. If you post so infrequently or haphazardly without giving the audience to understand your feeds, they may not value you or even remember you in the first place. This is the same in case if you are posting too much for them to tolerate. The fin balance, as per the advice of experts to get more followers for Instagram, is about one or two posts a day to five posts per week.

When you post consistently, the audience gets used to it and starts to know you better through each post. If your content is informative and pleasing to their eye, they will feel admiration towards you and start to wait for more from you. The concept is the same as dating without someone new for the first few days. You want to be around them always, but you also should give room to let them miss you and carve for you, right?


# Poor first impression

Instagram Followers

As you know how the saying goes, the first impression is everything. Whether you are at a blind date, a job interview, or at a public engagement, the first impression is what makes you acceptable or avoidable to the other party, which is the same in case of Instagram too. The first impression you make to a new visitor or follower is critical, so ensure that you give it an extra eye and don’t mess it up.

Besides the images you post on feeds, the primary thing a new visitor will first notice is the bio. Check if it is properly filled out. Ensure that it explains you well and about your business in an attractive way. An ideal profile will also delineate how effectively you may be able to help them out. An ideal Instagram bio also requires your location and where they can find more about you. If you don’t do this properly, then you are missing out on a big opportunity, which cannot be repaired later.


# Lacking cohesiveness in content

Just like the profile and bio, images you used to post on your feeds also give the audience a taste of what your business is all about and what they can expect. If your feeds are too clunky without various images or inconsistent colors and branding, you may be simply scaring away the potential followers.

Alternatively, if your fields feature high-quality photos which effortlessly sync with the needs of your ideal target audience, the follower count will surely skyrocket. To do this well, here are a few considerations to make:

  • As yourself whether the photo you are planning to upload is interesting to yourself or not?
  • Even if it is high quality and attractive, is it relevant in light of the focus of your Instagram account?
  • Is the new post you plan to complement the previous one?
  • Do all your photos have some common brand elements for the viewers to relate them?


To do this well, you have to invest a fair amount of time and consideration. Doing this properly can surely have a huge impact on the following count.

Apart from the above, some other common reasons why people tend to fail on Instagram include, but not limited to:

# Unattractive captions

# Non-engaging context and content

# Lack of great and relevant images.

# Wrong or irrelevant context behind images.

# Lack of the ability to tell a story

# Not asking any question to get the audience involved

# No call to action to drive your audience to the conversion destinations.


Working on these tweaks will surely make a difference for your Instagram activities and get your audience to engage with your content. If you find what you share resonates with and results coming back, work closely to fine-tune your strategies and reap more results.


About Author: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.