Use Instagram to Promote Your Real Estate Business

use instagram to promote your real estate businee

How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Real Estate Business

Success in the property business is not easy. You succeed when you make connections, stage a house the right way or have a rapport with a mortgage lender. Then, these professional connections work when you have homebuyers to move via the sales funnel. To reach a wider audience, you need to promote your real estate business, and the best way to do it is through the photo-sharing platform Instagram. You might be wondering why Instagram and not Facebook or Twitter. Well, there are many reasons. First, Instagram is a visual platform. Therefore, if you want to display a sprawling villa with a huge front garden, what better way to post photos and videos of the property than Instagram?How do you begin? Well, here are a few pointers to help you market your real estate company:

Use Your Real Estate Business Instagram Handle

Your potential customers know you through your social media handle. They type your business name to look for you and use your handle to talk about your real estate brand on social media sites. Therefore, make your handle unique and ensure that it reflects the spirit of your business. Use the actual name of your company to get the best results. If you are an independent businessperson, make your real estate Instagram handle as your name. For a unique name, include your middle initial or an underscore somewhere in the text. Personalize the name in your profile. When it comes to the profile name, type your complete name as usual or use any nickname.

Post Visuals Professionally for your Business on Instagram

use instagram to promote your real estate business

It is pictures and only pictures when you market your business on Instagram. However, you need to have a sense of angles when posting shots of the property on sale. Make use of your headshot as well as high-quality images when displaying an apartment for sale. Capture unique, eye-catching angles with every property or home you are trying to sell. The perfect shot of an apartment swimming pool, the spacious living room, a cozy bedroom, or a relaxing walk in the community park will make a difference to your Instagram posts. These are the aspects buyers notice when scrolling to get a sense of how the property looks and feels. Besides, if you want to know how to gain more likes on Instagram, visit sites such as Stormlikes.

Use Instagram Stories to promote your Real Estate Business

Leverage Instagram Stories to take your real estate marketing one-step further. When it comes to the ‘Stories’ feature, it shows your potential customers what happens behind the scenes in your business. Make the most of this feature to take your prospects on a virtual tour of a new property that you have listed for sale. You can even post visuals of the lunch you are having with your clients or of them visiting the property site. These are daily business moments and have a great impact on Instagram. This way, your customers can relate to your business in a better way.

Conclusion – Using Instagram to promote your Real estate Business

When you know how to market your real estate business on Instagram, there is nothing like it. Make the most out of the platform to let buyers know what you do and how you sell your listed properties.

Author Bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.