Interesting Nokia Facts [Video Infographic]

Nokia is and was always the best mobile producing company out there. Nokia’s mobile phones are widely used by a lot of people. Nokia’s Symbian smartphones ranked one of the best places in the smartphones niche. This below video by iTechVision shows how many people are using mobile phones round the world and how many are using mobile phones to get connected to the internet.


This video titled ” Nokia Facts and Figures ‘Nokia Universe’ ” also shows a huge list of unknown and interesting Nokia facts. This video infographic describes all the Nokia facts. The video features all major Nokia services like Ovi Maps, Ovi Store and much more.

Here, I outline all the major Nokia facts mentioned in the video :

  • Nokia connects people in 190 countries
  • Nokia’s Ovi speaks 47 languages
  • Navigating round the world is free with Ovi and it has as much as 30M km of navigable roads.
  • 100M+ km is driven by Ovi each month.
  • Ovi mail is currently increasing at a rate 1M users.
  • Each day 33M emails is sent with Ovi mails.
  • Roughly 3M users are using Ovi Chat.
  • 3M downloads are made each day at the Ovi Store.
  • Right now, 165M+ users actively use Nokia’s services.
Well, now let’s head on to the video.

That’s it. Did you check out the entire video? I have mentioned only a few key facts in the description. If you did not check out the entire video, make sure to do so now.