Internet Explorer 9 – Keyboard Shortcuts

If you have switched to the Internet explorer 9 beta recently then you may not know about the shortcut keys in it. this article lists out the keyboard shortcuts in IE9.

IE9 Keyboard Shortcuts

Alt – Show the menu bar. After making selection, the menu bar goes away.

Alt+M – Go to your homepage.

Alt+C – View your favorites, feeds, and browsing history.

Ctrl+J – Open Download Manager.

Ctrl+L – Highlight the text in the Address bar.

Ctrl+D – Add a webpage to your favorites.

Ctrl+B – Organize your favorites.

Ctrl+T – Open a new Tab

Ctrl+N – Open a new Window

Ctrl+K – Duplicate tab (open current tab in a new tab)

Alt+Left – Move back to previous page

Alt+Right – Move forward to next page

Ctrl+Alt+P – Open a new InPrivate Browsing window

Ctrl+Tab – Switch between tabs

Ctrl+W – Close current Tab

Alt+L – Open the Help menu

Alt+X – Open Tools

Ctrl+O – Open a webpage

F5 – Refresh

F12 – Developer Toolbar

Alt+5 – Force IE 5 rendering mode.

Alt+7 – Force IE 7 rendering mode.

Alt+8 – Force IE8 rendering mode

Alt+9 – Force IE9 rendering mode.

Alt+0 – Reset document mode to the page default.

Ctrl ++ –  Zoom In

Ctrl +– –  Zoom Out

Alt + ? –  Help

Ctrl +S – Save webpage as

Alt + / – About