iOS 5 and iCloud to come on October 12th

Apple has now come up with iOS 5, the next version of operating system for iDevices. This iOS 5 is announced to be released on October 12th. Apple, yesterday, at the iPhone 4S launch event, came up with lots of new, tempting features.

In the middle of the event, Scott Forstall, finally put an end to the iOS 5 launch date. As said earlier, the iOS 5 comes 2 days prior to the iPhone 4S launch. It is said that the latest iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users came upgrade to iOS 5 at Apple’s servers free of charge. On the other hand, Apple users using early versions of iPod touch, iPhone (iPhone, iPhone 3G) will not be able to upgrade and have to stick with their iOS 4.


Apple says that iOS 5 was earlier launched to the developers for a try out and also adds that 100,000 of them have tried it out.

The same day, Oct. 12, Apple is launching iCloud service too. iCloud syncs between iOS devices and lets you upload your data like music, games or pictures and much more, anywhere, anytime and from any device. When you upload your data to iCloud, users can download that to their iDevices. And also you can re-download them to your devices.

That’s it. iOS 5 and iCloud are set to launch of October 12th. Are you waiting to be one of the first ones to lay hands on it?