iOS Gets an Updated Google+ App

Google has now pushed an updated version of Google+ app for the iOS devices. This new updated version is capable of running in iPod touch, iPhone and iPad devices with iOS 4 or higher. This new update adds the ability to upload full sized images, +1’ing photos and also adds a brand new search box.


If you are owning an iOS 4 or higher device, you can now upload a full sized photo to your Google+ account right from your iOS device. This new addition does seem to have caught a huge attraction among the heavy photo uploading Google+ users. Also the new update makes Google+ to run smoothly in iOS 4 and higher devices.

If you are prone to +1’ing your Google+ buddies’ photos, you will of course find this new addition very useful. When you are viewing an image in your Google+ account using your iOS device, you can easily +1 the image by tapping the +1 button available at the top right of the screen. The comments section for the photos doesn’t seem to have undergone any noticeable change.

Also, Google has now added a brand new search box to the app. When you switch on your Google+ app, you can find a brand new search box at the top. The search box does a great job of searching posts and people in Google+

If you want to lay your hands on this brand new updated app, you can download the updated, official, 19.1 MB sized Google+ app for iOS devices, here.