iPad 3 Breaking Details [Expected Specs]

Apple was one of the leading subjects for searches on Google in 2011 with the iPhone 5, Steve Jobs and the iPad 2 all making the top 10 list for most searches on the leading Internet search engine. As with any important device from Apple for future release, the level of anticipation far surpasses any other company in the world.


With the expected arrival of the iPad 3 in 2012, what can we expect to see in terms of new features? The following are a few of what experts, analysts, insiders and bloggers are predicting.

#1 Upgraded A6 Chip

A new quad core processor is expected to be included in the new iPad 3. This will enable the device to be faster and much more energy efficient, which should extend the life of the battery.

#2 Retina Display

Although this currently remains speculative, many Mac followers are hoping to see the retina display that is already on the iPhone 4S. If this is included, the resolution on the screen will be astounding from 1024 X 768 to 4 times the quality of the resolution at 2048 by 1536.

[stextbox id=”info”]#3 Two Sizes[/stextbox]

Rumor is abuzz on the Internet that the iPad 3 will be available in at least two sizes, the current 10” screen and a smaller and presumably lighter model with a 7.85 inch screen. The smaller version might not be available until the end of 2012.

#4 Better Camera

The cameras on the iPad 2 could use an upgrade just like the camera on the iPhone 4S had. The iPhone 4S camera is a significant improvement over older models and improving this function might play a major role in how many units Apple ends up selling.

#5 Redesign 

It’s hard to find the need to redesign the iPad 3 unless Apple makes it even thinner and lighter, which I am sure is appealing to the masses that currently own an iPad.

#6 4G Network

Thus far Apple hasn’t offered much in supporting 4G networks and many writers suggest that the time has finally come. Again, the iPad 3 is rumored to finally have 4G technology but currently, it’s all speculative. With satellite ISPs, like internet.clear.com, waiting eagerly to offer to such plans, it’ s only a matter of time until Apple plays ball.

Some experts are predicting a March or April 2012 release of the iPad 3 but if the A6 processor is included in the new version, then the release might be delayed until summer. Whenever it does come out, you can be certain it will be yet another hot device in Apple’s line of successful products.