iPad 3 May Come on February 24, Steve Jobs’s Birthday [Rumor]

iPad lovers, rejoice. But, not much. As you read in the title, the next generation iPad, iPad 3, might hit the markets on February 24, which is indeed late Steve Jobs’s birthday. According to sources, this news is just a rumor. Neither Apple nor the Taiwan based manufacturers have revealed any news on this new iPad 3.


The emergence of iPad 3 in the markets, started as a rumor from a Chinese local newspaper, which reported February 24 as the launch date of iPad 3.

A local-Chinese language newspaper reported Friday that iPad 3 might be launched on Feb. 24 to mark the anniversary of the birth of Apple’s late co-founder, Steve Jobs

As said earlier by Apple, the next versions, iPhone 5 and iPad 3 are indeed set to be launched in the first half of the year 2012. With 2011 coming to an end, the rumors of iPad 3’s launch have given a warm welcome to the Apple lovers to enter a great 2012 with success and happiness.

Also, rumors have left internet abuzz that iPad 3 is to sport the all new voice command worker, Siri, and is also to sport an advanced Retina Display in the iPad 3’s 10 inches display screen.

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According to a few sources, the workers at the iPad components manufacturers are given a limited time off the job, as the Chinese Lunar New Year falls on January 23 of 2012. As everything remains in a big bucket of confusion, let us all hope that this upcoming iPad 3 comes with much great features and in time too.

Also, will this new upcoming sport the all new Hydrogen powered fuel cells? Previously we reported, Apple to be using Hydrogen powered fuel cells in the upcoming Apple devices, so that the devices will be alive for weeks rather than days. Will iPad 3 debut the Hydrogen fuel cells?