Apple iPhone 3GS Now For Free

Apple, yesterday at the iPhone 4S launch event announced that iPhone 3GS would be sold for just 0$. This is the least priced iPhone ever. Apple announced that this iPhone 3GS will be sold for free with two year contract. This free giveaway starts on Oct. 14th, that’s the launch date of iPhone 4S.


And alongside, the iPhone 4 (8GB) will be sold at only 99$. These two versions at are least priced Apple iPhones ever. These two versions are sold at this very low price to attarct the consumers towards Apple products. Instead of getting an iPhone 4S, the latest released one, you can go for iPhone 3GS, the free giveaway iPhone.

And also check out this post. The latest iPhone, iPad, iPod touch users can upgrade to iOS 5 on Oct. 12, that’s 2 days prior to the iPhone 4S launch date.

So what are you waiting for? Get a free iPhone 3GS? Or better go for iPhone 4S? In my case, I would go for both the versions. One for free! And the other one for it’s latest features. Make sure that you check out this post : What’s New in iPhone 4S ?