iPhone 5 – Are you a Fanboy? [Infographic – Part 2]

A few days back we heard news that Apple started to fly out invites for the giant Apple iPhone 5 event that is to be held on coming October 4th. That’s tomorrow! With only a few days left for the iPhone 5’s launch, the enthusiasm among the Apple fan boys seems to be reaching greater and greater heights.


Couple of days back, we posted an infographic made by the folks at PaidViewPoint and AYTM (Ask Your Target Market). That was the first part of the 3 infographics. And now, the same folks have come up with the second part of the 3, titled “iPhone 5 and the Apple fanboy / fangirl syndrome“.

These infographics are made with the results collected from a survey conducted among a few, roughly 1000, 18+ persons living in the US.

Now, here in this infographic we can see that 50.9% of the surveyed people call themselves the Apple fanboy / fangirl. 32.2% of them consider themselves NO-Apple fanboy / fangirl and the rest 16.9% are not sure of the exact meaning of Apple fanperson.

Also, we can see that most of the Apple fanboys own an Apple product when compared to that of non-Apple fanboys. For more information, head on to the below infographic.

Via [Mashable]