iPhone 5 Coming With a 4.6″ Inch Retina Display?

According to the reports, it seems like Apple is now all set to bring an iPhone that we have been waiting for ages. With the other smartphone giants growing insanely larger day by day, Apple doesn’t seem like staying behind in the niche. While it’s arch rival Samsung is bringing quite stunning smartphones, Apple is here to throw Samsung out of the way. As you read in the title, Apple might be bringing an iPhone 5 that has a 4.6 inches display and comes with retina display.


The information comes from an unnamed source, which confirms has placed orders with Samsung Electronics Co. for the supply of display. As known to all the geeks out there, LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics Co. are the two biggest display suppliers for Apple.

“Apple Inc.’s new iPhone will have a sharper and bigger 4.6 inch “retina” display and is set to be launched around the second quarter.” reported Reuters on Wednesday.

As lots of buzzes fill the iPhone 5 rumor mill, here is the new addition. If the reports are true, Apple will make a revolution in the smartphones history in just a matter of time. The last iPhone released by Apple, iPhone 4S, proved to be a good fun but no up to the fans’ expectations. The fans expected Apple to unveil an iPhone 5 but to their disappointed Apple came only with iPhone 4S. That’s just an iPhone 4, added with Siri and a few more features.

On March 7 of this year, Apple unveiled the next generation iPad called the “new iPad“. If you remember well, it came with retina display “on”, proving to be the best tablet until now. With the retina display on, browsing the photos becomes lot more interesting than ever. The best clarity is what everyone love, right?

Finally, iPhone 5 is also rumored to be sporting a million color pixels. A stunning one, right? Does that mean that it would be the best smartphone until date? All is that we gotta wait and see what Apple has in store this time. Do stay tuned with Axleration for more.