iPhone 5 Concept Features [Video]

iPhone 5. That’s the latest iPhone model introduced in the iPhone series. Of course everyone is waiting eagerly for Apple to release this latest model in the market. This iPhone 5 is the last stages of it’s development and everyone hopes that it will hit the markets soon. With a lot of customization and amazingly unbelievable features, there is an insane demand by the Apple lovers. Every Apple lover is anxiously waiting to the latest features of iPhone 5.


And also with Steve Jobs resignation, a few people think that there will be a delay in the iPhone 5 release. But Tim Cook, the new CEO of Apple promises that the company will remain the same and the trend will not fall down. Here’s an article that you will find interesting : Apple’s New CEO message to the Apple Employees.

What all new features have been added to this latest iPhone : iPhone 5? There are a lot of things that can be said but the most important three features that you cannot miss to check out are  : Ultra Slim Design, Laser Keyboard and Holographic Display. Now let us a have a look at the video by Aatma Studio which shows all the three major concepts of the iPhone 5 rolled out in a 1.08 min video.


Guys, what do you think about this new iPhone? Will it entirely change the tech world we are living in now? Express your views on this iPhone 5 with us in the comments section below. Waiting eagerly for your comments.