iPhone 5 – To Upgrade or No [Infographic – Part 1]

The latest iPhone 5 is to be rolled out soon in the market and many of the Apple – iPhone fans are eagerly waiting for that to be released. Apple hasn’t announced the design and hardware specifications of this version yet, but we have heard a lot of rumors earlier. A few days back, we saw a iPhone rumor video showing it’s concept features – Slimmer Design, Holographic Display and also Laser Keyboard. Will also those features be true or are just rumors?

Now here in this infographic, AYTM and PaidViewpoint have taken an approach to a survey conducted to 1000 US iPhone user to get to know their iPhone experiences and other news. This survey features different versions of iPhones used, who are going to upgrade to the next version, features that iPhone 5 should have and much more.


According to this survey, iPhone 4 is the most widely used version right now in US. It constitutes 48.6% whereas the other versions are used lower. The other versions – iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPhone constitute 28.2% , 19.3% and 3.9% respectively.

As we can see below, AT&T is the most widely used carrier for iPhones followed by Verizon and Other carriers. AT&T constitutes a stunning 75.7% followed by Verizon with 19.5% and other carriers constitute only 5% . Now let us have a look at the infographic for more information.

Are you an iPhone freak or owner? Will you be one of the first ones to try out the new iPhone 5? Share your thoughts with us.