New iphone adding some bling????

gold iphone
gold iphone

Is it true?? Is Apple so disappointed with itself and the iphone that now they are trying to add some bling??? Oh tell me it isn’t so!
The new iphone is due to be released Sept 10.  Amist unhappy consumers, it sounds like Apple may be offering more colors.  I am sure that is what we want…..after all who needs the latest technology if colors can be added……especially…dare I say it gold??? Yes it is rumored that the usual colors of black, white will be joined by gold!!! Now we are talking……. I mean after all us Apple fans are so shallow that the color will makeup for the embarrassment we are starting to feel around the galaxy owners.  They will show off their new phones but I will have a gold one…..and still be loyal……
According to reports from TechCrunch and All Things D, the new iphone will be offered in gold.  Apple has yet to confirm as of this writing.
It is said that gold will not impress Americans much but it will be popular in other countries especially China.  Gold is perceived to be good luck.  (Maybe with their lowering sales Apple is on to something)
The addition of gold would not be a big deal here, but “huge” in China, says Tim Bajarin, an analyst at Creative Strategies.

In addition to it’s flashy paint, it will have a stronger processor, longer battery and more advanced camera (take that galaxy!!).  To protect it’s bling, it will have improved security features.  We can expect a successor to iPhone 5 in addition to a less expensive plastic iphone.  The security features are noteworthy and advanced to Apple’s competition from Samsung and Android.  Frankly unlike anything on the market….Ok, I apologize Apple for my rant on the color……. So….maybe it isn’t just a pretty paint job, but much more under the hood!

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