iPhone Apps : Now Sending Messages While Walking is Safer with These Apps

Are you a text addict ? Most of us are Text addicts (including me !). It is highly dangerous to text while driving as well as walking. It would be very embarrassing if you fall inside a open manhole while texting.


So to prevent such nightmares, here are a few apps. These apps will turn your iPhone’s screen into a transparent glass. How is it possible ? It is possible, these apps turns on your camera and allows you to type messages over the live camera feed, so that you know what is happening in front of you. Take a look at this video, you will get a better idea of this.

1. Type n Walk

Type n Walk™ is the new, smarter way to type while walking.

2. iType2go

iType2Go is the revolutionary new way to SMS/email and update your Facebook/Twitter status while walking.
“Fortunately, iType2Go is a funny idea that really works. It superimposes what you’re typing over a live camera view.

3. Email n Walk

This app is really helpful, and the video feed works pretty good. Just enough transparency to see where you are going, but also see what you are typing.

4. Text Vision

Does the same job as the other applications listed above.

I hope you liked all those applications, try them and share your views with us.