iPhone is 4 Years Old ! Take a Look at Some Key Moments in iPhone History ! [Infographic]

iPhone is one of the most successful smartphone in the history of computing. It has been four years since its release and people still go crazy over it. It was and is a game changer every time a new version of it is released, breaking records and creating new ones, the iPhone is always the darling of the masses.


iPhone is a great smartphone both in terms of design and the tech specs. The iOS was branded as one of the easiest mobile platform to use. The iPhone’s great success also accounts to the enormous number of apps available in the app store.

To celebrate the glorious history of iPhone on its fourth birthday, Mashable has released this awesome infographic ! Take a look at the milestones in iPhone’s Career.

iPhone 5 is on the way now, and is expected to be released by September this year. Take a look at this rumored features.

What do you think about iPhone ? Do you own one ? Share your iPhone experiences with us ! 😀