How Social Media Stacks iPhone and Android Against Each Other [Infographic]

The two tech giants Apple and Google have been at battle against each other for ages. And it’s the same with their products. Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android have strangled each other’s necks a lot of times to establish their supremacy over the other. With the newest iPhone released in the markets, Google heads on to make it’s ongoing Android phone much better than Apple’s iPhone. This kinda battle has been going on for ages. It’s no new to those people out there.


There are a lot of angles through which we can compare these two devices. You can stack up these two devices against each other by comparing the cost or hardware or anything. The list goes on. But Onavo takes a social media approach to differentiate these two devices. This infographic depicts the usage of each social media used both in iPhone or Android. Onavo surveyed 100K mobile owners and bundled up the information into a cool, colorful infographic.

In the mobile world too, Facebook ranks the top place. The Facebook app is used by 90% of the iPhone users whereas on the other hand the Facebook app is held by only 63% of Androiders. Next comes the Twitter part. It is seen that only 22% are using the Twitter app in iPhone. Other on the other hand, 25% of Android users use Twitter app and beat the iPhone users. In my view, the usage of Twitter app in iPhone will considerably increase more as Apple introduced the official Twitter app in the latest iPhone, iPhone 4S. Well, there are a lot of social media apps. Dig into the infographic to know more.

Via [Mashable]