Iris scan security is real

Iris scan security is real

Iris scan security is real and its here – Samsung Galaxy S8

Yes the latest release of the Samsung Galaxy S8 marks the largest roll out of iris scanning technology to date.  In fact, more commonly known as Iris Scan Security, Samsung offers the user both thumb print and eye scan technology as security for the smart phone.


Unlock your phone just by looking at it

So the latest feature to be released by Samsung Galaxy S8 is the new iris scanner which operates via a built-in infrared camera next to the selfie camera at the top of the phone.  The security device is de-activated by looking at the phone, and the camera automatically scans the unique patterns in your eye.  Once the phone recognizes and identifies the owner, the phone is unlocked, switched on and ready for use.

If you choose to implement both the thumbprint scan and iris scan at the same time, the phone will wait for both systems to pass scrutiny, and you are in!  However, there is probably no need to have double security measures, and in any case, the big winner is to be able to achieve hands free access to unlock your phone without having to take your attention from other activities such as driving the car,

The Samsung Galaxy just feels better

Samsung have improved the overall feel of the Galaxy by refining the shaping of the phone with a new curved bevel around the screen, which makes the phone simply feel great in your hands, and looks great also.  I know it is only a subtle change, but the back of the phone is shaped with the same ergonomic curved surface as the front screen, and the overall effect simply feels great.

And the screen is larger now too – yes you get the added benefit of that larger screen so that you can operate the phone much easier and fit more menu options at the touch of a button.

Take Note of this one!

The next innovation with the Samsung Galaxy is the Samsung Note feature.  The Galaxy is designed to assist you to jot down your brilliant ideas, your inspirations, your inner thoughts and your shopping list.  Samsung want to help you in every facet of your life, and whenever you have a great idea, or need a sudden reminder, the S8 will help you record your memories for later recall.

Samsung Note is a simple and streamlined interface to keep your affairs in order.  Samsung Note uses a combination of technologies, using an app similar to Evernote, and its own stylus which is similar to the Apple pencil, called the S-pen.  These are joined seamlessly together to make Samsung Note an extremely practical and handy way to jot down notes, or sketches or whatever you need to keep a record of!

No matter whether the screen is locked, you use the can record your notes whenever you like and the Galaxy S8 will create your note, and display it even on the locked screen, so it is an ever ready app to make your life easier.  Better still, just hold the S-pen above the screen and it will zoom in or out or edit your data, all at the touch of your pen.

The Samsung Galaxy camera

No surprise here, but the camera in the Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the best phone cameras on the market.  This is a real bonus for those of us who like to keep a record of our daily lives, or even on that odd occasion when you absolutely can’t let a particular moment go by.  Even in low light conditions, the Samsung camera provides outstanding resolution, with no appreciable pixilation and no quality problems.

The greatest benefit is that you now have a larger screen to view your photos and videos on, so along with the fantastic image quality, you can now view your memories with absolute clarity on that fantastic curved screen.

The graphics are clear and concise, and make this phone a simple pleasure to use.  No more squinting at numbers and figures, the font size is more than adequate, and the touch buttons are big enough to let even the most challenged of touch typers act like we know what we are doing!

Iris scan security is real


Summary of the benefits of Iris Scan Security

Basically it is all about iris scan and that wonderful curved screen.  The convenience of hands free phone unlocking is something we have all been looking for, and that makes operating the phone so much easier while you are busy doing other things, like driving the car, or whatever.

But let’s not forget about that screen. Samsung are the ultimate manufacturers of the latest touch screen monitors and displays so it’s not surprising to find a such a cutting edge design for their latest phone release. The curved screen on the Samsung Galaxy S8 make this phone a very impressive device that will make you the envy of all your friends.



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