Is This a New Photo Viewer in Facebook?

Today, when I was surfing my Newsfeed in Facebook, as usual, I was pretty stunned to come across a new photo viewer. Normally Facebook displays the Like and Share buttons along with the Comments section below the picture. But this new one shows those options at the right side, while the left side features the image. Is this a new photo viewer that Facebook is about to roll to its users?


As you can see below, the image is featured on the left side while the comments section has been pushed to the right side. Also, when you hover over an image, you will be surprised to see one or two round edged rectangular buttons below the image. Nearby appear two arrow marks giving you access to navigate across various photos in that particular album. On the right side, you will notice all those familiar buttons Like, Comment and Share. Below those buttons pop the comments section. If the photo has lots of comments, there appears a scroll bar at the far right giving you access to scroll down to see all the comments.

If you might have noticed, this new photo viewer looks a lot like the one provided by Google in it’s social networking site Google+. While Google+’s photo viewer provides the comments section to the right side, this one too, from Facebook, looks the same. Does it mean that Facebook is playing the copycat role?

What’s your thought? If this a new photo viewer that is yet to be unveiled by Facebook? If yes, how did I land up getting the photo viewer in advance? Have you got this new photo viewer? When I asked my friends about this, I could get only one sad reply from them : No. With no reports in this giant web, it seems like a very few Facebook users have been getting this new photo viewer and I am one of those lucky guys.

Also, for your information I haven’t installed any extension or plug-in in my browser. I even checked out the Facebook site with all my extensions disabled. Even then, I found this new photo viewer looking the same. Also, I logged in my another Facebook account. The result was the same. Also, I logged into my friend’s account from my computer. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find this new viewer in his account. One thing is sure. Facebook is testing this new photo viewer with a less number of users.