Is This The Samsung Galaxy S3?

Well, well, well. Yet another leaked image of the highly anticipated Galaxy S3 from Samsung is now out. When compared to the previous images of the Samsung Galaxy S3, this one seems far convincing. In my view I believe that this is the Galaxy S3 that will make it’s appearance in the markets very soon and make a revolution. This image was leaked first on Reddit and now, the image is all over the web.


This image was caught spreading viral on the web and we fellows thought you guys might love to take a look at this. This image shows a very convincing image of the much awaited Samsung Galaxy S3. The image shows a logo of Weber Shandwick, a popular company that handles PR for Samsung in most of the countries out there, at the bottom right. When you stack the previous released images, even the one with the flexible display, and this one together, this one seems far convincing and better in my opinion.

It was days back when Samsung refused to unveil this at the Mobile World Congress 2012 and pushed the launch date. According to the previous reports, Samsung will unveil the device in March and will set the devices for sale in the markets in the month of April. If the information is true, the device will get a warm welcome at the Unpacked Event 2012 very soon.

As you take a deeper look at this image, you will notice that the Samsung Galaxy S3 sports a big display at the front. Below lies a physical button for your usage. A 12MP camera is fixed at the back of the screen and there lie volume control buttons on the left side with the camera button on the right.

Do you think that Samsung is possibly releasing this device at the Unpacked event this year? And if you are big fan of Samsung, here is a good news for you. Galaxy S3 seems to be launching on May 22, most probably. 😀 So, are you eager to lay hands on this ultra cool device?