“It’s Time for a Subscribe Button for Websites” Says Facebook

Now, people can start getting updates from websites that are beyond the walls of Facebook, by just subscribing to the websites’ updates. The introduction of one-click Subscribe button for websites, will allow the users to get content delivered right to their newsfeed.


This new introduction was announced by Joanna Shields, VP and Managing Director of Facebook Europe, Middle East and Africa. According to sources, this announcement was made at Le Web 2011 in Paris on Wednesday.

We will soon launch the Subscribe plugin, an extension of the Subscribe button, that publishers and other developers can add to their websites to make it easy for people to connect to reporters and public figures in one click. We have no further details to share at this time.” says a Facebook spokesman.

Back in September, Facebook unveiled a brand new Subscribe button for profiles that will allow people to get updates, right without friending them. As known to all, Facebook limits the maximum number of friends count to 5000 for each user. If you ever wanted to get updates from a stranger, this Twitter-like Subscribe button will come handy for you.

Later came the Subscribe button for the Facebook comments box. Facebook started to add the button near the users’ names in the comments section, enabling others to subscribe to get updates from that particular user.

So, that’s it. This new Subscribe  extension for websites can be embedded in the site and the visitors can hit the button to get updates from the site. Well, this new addition will make sure to lure media audience to Facebook from Twitter. What will Twitter make to regain it’s fame?