How Can a Jaw Dropping Social Media Strategy Do Wonders for Your Business?

The problem with social media strategies is this: they’re often misdirected. Best SEO practices require that you define social media as a totally different playing field from the “normal” web – though increasingly of course the social media sphere is the normal web, so perhaps it’s more sensible to start paying more attention to how it works.


The misdirection I’ve already alluded to is a result of our not quite being able to make the break away from the idea that a company is the be-all and end-all of the SEO experience. Online marketing has to change its attitudes to get the best SEO results for its clients.

A truly jaw-dropping social media strategy is one that the end user doesn’t even know is happening. Because modern web users are not interested in being sold to by companies, they’re not interested in being talked to by companies, they’re not even interested in playing games with companies. What they want instead is one of two things – interaction with people or interaction with a brand.

It’s interesting – and a major talking point for anyone who’s interested in putting the best SEO packages together – that web users make a conceptual distinction between companies and brands. And it’s here that the heart of good social media optimisation beats.

Basically the difference between a company and a brand is one of trendiness – a word that pops up a lot in social media spheres of course. Something trending is something “going viral”, in the parlance of the old days before anyone had ever heard of Twitter. And your social media strategy’s core idea is to get client Tweets and client social media activity to trend.

The best SEO tactics for social media optimisation avoid calls to action altogether – opting instead for trying to get a fan base to start taking its own actions on your behalf. Inevitable these campaigns are long games, but their potential payoff is huge. Once a following has been built, for example by running time and location based giveaways through a social media platform, the brand message starts being heard around the world thanks to fans taking it on and spreading it for themselves.

This is the difference between company and brand – a company has no message, where a brand is a message. And of course in the hands of the best SEO companies, a message, which is information, is dynamite.

It’s only the way that message is got across that has changed. The social sphere uses real people, non employees, to do your work for you.

To find the right ones, your social media campaign starts with intensive research. By interrogating the social graphs of your target market you know where to start making a brand presence felt – and even what kind of language to use.

Ultimately the best SEO solutions in social media are about passion – getting fans impassioned and involved. To do that the brand itself needs to show passion, provoke responses, get involved in hot topic debates. Find your market, engage freely –  and leave the concept of company behind.

Author Bio: The above article is composed and edited by Donna B. She is associated with many  SEO Companies as their freelance writer and adviser. In her free time she writes articles related to best SEO, Social Media etc.