Keyboard Shortcuts for Dropbox and Google Drive

Dropbox is the leading hero in the cloud storage niche and Google Drive from Google is the one trying to outrun Dropbox in the near future. With the emergence of these cloud storages, people have started opting these when compared to the old, familiar local hard disk drive storages and external storages. Putting files in the cloud always has a ton of uses for all!


Keyboard Shortcuts always do the ultimate job of saving our time and help us work faster than ever. Most of us spend a hell lot of time online surfing the web or networking with friends and relatives on the social networks. While doing so, knowingly or unknowingly, the humans are capable of learning the keyboard shortcuts that save time. While using sites like Dropbox and Google Drive, it’s always best to know the shortcut keys and save time.

Earlier we covered a list of keyboard shortcuts for Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail, Internet Explorer 9, Mac applications and Ubuntu. So, here is a list of shortcut keys for Dropbox and Google Drive that you can use in Dropbox or Google Drive web version.Dropbox and Google Drive

Keyboard Shortcuts for Dropbox

↑ – Select previous file (Hold “Shift” to select a range of files)
↓ – Select next file (Hold “Shift” to select a range of files)
Enter – Download or Open a file
Ctrl + a – Select all files
Ctrl + c – Copy selected file(s)
Ctrl + v – Paste selected file(s)
Esc – Deselect all files
← – Up a folder
→ – Open folder
/ – Search
F2 – Rename selected file
Delete – Delete selected file(s)
Ctrl + z – Undo recent move / copy / rename / delete
? – Show keyboard shortcuts (To hide keyboard shortcuts use “Esc”)

Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Drive


j – Highlight the next item in the list
k – Highlight the previous item in the list
x – Select / Unselect the highlighted item
↓ – Select next item (Hold “Shift” to select a range of files)
↑ – Select previous item (Hold “Shift” to select a range of files)
Shift + a – Select all the visible items
Shift + n – Deselect all the visible items


Shift + t – Create a text document
Shift + p – Create a presentation
Shift + s – Create a spreadsheet
Shift + d – Create a drawing
Shift + f – Create a folder

Go To

g then n – Go to Navigation Panel
g then f – Go to Folders
g then l – Go to Documents List
g then d – Go to Details Pane
g then t – Go to the top of the page


c – Create
u – Upload
a – Actions
r – Sort
t – Settings


. (fullstop) – Share
Enter, o – Open
z – Organize
s – Star / Unstar


?, Ctrl + /, Shift + / – Show keyboard shortcuts
Esc – Hide keyboard shortcuts
d – Show / hide details pane
/ – Search

Hope you found these keyboard shortcuts helpful to you. If you know any more keyboard shortcuts for Dropbox and Google Drive, share them with us in the comments section below. If you aren’t on Dropbox, join it with this link and we both get 500MB free space! 🙂