Keyboard Shortcuts For Hotmail

Hotmail has been one of the most famous free email providers of all time. Hotmail has now introduced a lot of new features recently. One of the most important among them is Keyboard Shortcuts. Gmail is already know for its easiness to use, mainly because of the keyboard shortcuts. Now hotmail will provide it a tough competition with this new feature.


So, now lets go to the shortcuts. Below is a list of 22 shortcut keys for Hotmail.

Delete Delete a message Ctrl+N Create a new message
Ctrl+Shift+O Open message Ctrl+Enter Send message
Ctrl+R Reply to a message Ctrl+Shift+P Print a message
Ctrl+Shift+F Forward a message Ctrl+S Save message as draft
Ctrl+Shift+J Mark message as junk Ctrl+Q Mark message as read
Ctrl+U Mark message as unread Ctrl+Shift+V Move to folder
Ctrl+. Open next message Ctrl+, Open previous message
Esc Close message / Search messages
F7 Spell check S then A Select all
S then N Deselect all F then S Go to Sent folder
F then I Go to inbox F then D Go to Drafts folder