Larry Page Now Circled The Most in Google+

It was just a few days since Google Plus’s birth when Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, got many people who circled him. Though he hasn’t posted even a single post in his Google+ account, many people circled him. As of now, he has as much as 599191 people who have circled him. With Google+ going live to all users, it is estimated that this value will keep on increasing.


Mark Zuckerberg being the most circled on Google+ doesn’t seem the right way. Now, a report says in Mashable says that Larry Page, the co-founder of Google, is the top circled person on Google Plus. He has as much as 602K+ persons who have circled him. This honor of being the most circled person goes to the right person now.


It seems like even Google’s authorities are not using Google Plus, their own product. It is sure that even Eric Schmidt, Google executive chairman even joined Google Plus only a month back. “Several Google executives began posting more frequently and publicly to Google+ after the company’s senior management was criticized for not using it’s own products. Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt only joined Google+ earlier this month.” notes Lauren Indvik in a post in Mashable.

With 50M users in Google+, Larry Page is the most circled right now. 602K+ people are eager to get updated with his cool posts in Google+ . So what do you think about this? Have a Google+ account? How many many people circled you?