Leaked Pictures of The Whole Windows 8 Installation Process

Windows 7 was/is a huge hit and Microsoft has already started working on their next big thing, Windows 8 and there are plenty of rumors around it. There are many “Expected Features” post about Windows 8 in the blogosphere everyday. A quick Google Search would reveal that. Amidst all this buzz, the screenshots of the Windows 8 installation has leaked.


These Pictures are not mock-up, They are the original screenshots taken before, during and after the installation process. There isn’t much change in the UI. Big changes may come after the Beta release.

This new addition to the Windows brand might be released by the end of 2012 (If world doesn’t end) and the most possible retail availability looks to be somewhere around 2013. A beta version of Windows 8 might be released by this September. But nothing is sure.

These leaked pictures of the installation process of Windows 8 was bought to the public first by, winreview.ru Take a look at these pics, and share your thoughts on Windows 8 with us.


Hope you liked it ! 🙂