Learn the Keyboard Shortcuts for All Mac Applications

If you want to increase your productivity tremendously, the first thing you should go after is shortcut keys. Shortcut keys enables us to work faster. It saves you those seconds in searching the right menu item. Once you get the hang of those shortcuts, then all get in to your muscle memory and you would go for the shortcut keys automatically like you do now for copy, paste and other simple actions.

There are many shortcuts available for Mac and the list increases tremendously when you combine the shortcuts for individual programs. It is very difficult to make a list of all those shortcuts or search for all of them individually. To solve this problem, we have Cheatsheet, a simple yet powerful tool, that’ll help you learn all those shortcut keys.

This program is simple to use. Download Cheatsheet and extract it. Copy the extracted files to the applications folder and launch it. The application will wait in the background for you. When you want to check out the shortcut keys for a particular app, just click and hold the command key(⌘) for around 3 seconds, while keeping the required application’s window active. The shortcuts for that application will be listed neatly in a pop up.


Cheatsheet would take a little longer to populate the shortcut keys if your system is too busy. If it didn’t show the shortcut keys, then try restarting it and pressing the c0mmand key (⌘) again.

Cheatsheet worked flawlessly in many popular applications. Cheatsheet will work on all Mac OS 10.7 or greater devices.

Try Cheatsheet and share your views with us. If you know any other similar apps, do let us know. Drop a comment if you faced any problem while using it and we’ll help you sort it out.