Libya’s Top Level Domain Registry Defaced by Hackers

A group of hackers calling themselves the “Electr0n”, have hacked the website which administers the Top Level Domains of the Libyan sites. The content of the website is replaced by a message by the hackers.


The page sports two messages. One is “bye bye Qadaffi” and also “Feb 17 Libya” at the end which states the day on which the Libya protestors started their demonstrations and get shot by the security forces of Qadaffi.

Take a look at the screen shot of the site.


Perhaps the most famous site to use the .ly country code as as their top level domain is the url shortening service. Companies which have .ly country codes in their domain name do not appear to been impacted by the hack, which seems to just be a defacement of the main page.” quotes Naked Security on their site.

Well, what do you think about this hack? Share your views with us.