How To: Like Everything in a Facebook Wall at Once

Have you ever wondered for a way to like all the posts and comments you find on a Facebook wall? If yes, have you found a way to do that? If the answer to this question is no, this post is for you.


As said in the title, here is an easy way to like all the posts and comments at once. If you are fond of troubling your friends by liking all their posts and comments, this is the place to learn the secret behind that trick.

With a simple JavaScript code, you can like all the posts at once. If you curious to try this trick follow the instructions below.

  • Log into your Facebook account.
  • Either opt to stay in your News Feed or navigate to someone’s wall or post.
  • Now in the address bar, paste the below code.
javascript:var s = document.getElementById('happyScript');
if (s) {
s = document.createElement('script');
s.setAttribute('id', 'happyScript');
  • An useful tip : Alternatively you bookmark this code to your browser. On bookmarking this post, you can just hit the button for the JavaScript to run and it will automatically like all the posts and comments that are found in a particular Facebook wall.
  • When you hit enter after pasting the code in the address bar, it will automatically start to like everything found. It takes about a second interval between two successive likes.
Did you try it out? How did it go? Were all the posts and comments liked? Well, they would have absolutely done as this JavaScript code comes perfectly coded and error free. Also, this JavaScript code comes with a special feature. You can find the like button flashing red color when it is being liked. If you want to stop the liking process at some time, you can stop the execution of the JavaScript by just hitting the “Stop” button that is available in the box that pops on the right side of the page.
One more thing that I would like to add. When you paste this code in Google Chrome, the browser automatically rips the word ” javascript “. So, if you are using Chrome, paste the code and then add this ” javascript: ” to the beginning of the code.


[stextbox id=”warning”]Liking a lot of posts and comments at once will make Facebook suspicious and your account might get kicked out. So, proceed with caution. Don’t like hundreds and hundreds of posts at once. Try this trick on a smaller number[/stextbox]