Liveblogging Platform CoveritLive Gets Hacked

The title says it all. One of the most useful blogging platforms out there, CoveritLive, now seems to be under the control of a group of hackers. According to the latest report by the officials, the platform CoveritLife experienced cyber attacks from the hackers, which landed up in giving access to certain proprietary files to the hackers, without authorization.


Also, the report adds that none of the information related to credit cards and other financial information were accessed by the hackers. Considering this big threat, the officials of CoveritLive immediately started sending emails to the customers regarding this issue and asking them to change their password, no matter how hard it is to decode. The company also adds that the users’ passwords were encrypted, but they don’t give information on what level the passwords are encrypted. Also, the company adds that, they found this new threat, access to proprietary data, starting from January 7, 2012, that’s Saturday.

On getting caught in this big cyber threat, the company immediately started sending emails to the customers, giving them a general outline of this threat and requesting them to change the password. Also, the email gives the customers CoveritLive’s utmost condolence for this threat. The email is as follows :

CoveritLive recently discovered that certain proprietary data files were accessed without authorization starting on or about January 7, 2012. We have not yet determined if, or to what extent, CoveritLive account information (i.e., user names, email addresses and/or passwords) was accessed. We do know, however, that no financial account information has been compromised.

Our investigation is ongoing, and, as a precautionary measure, we will implement required password resets for all active CoveritLive accounts. We plan for this process to begin Saturday January 14, 2012 at 12 AM EDT (5 AM GMT). The next time you log in after the process has begun, you will be asked to change your password before you will be allowed into your account. NOTE: we do not anticipate that you will experience a disruption in your event if you are using CoveritLive while the change is invoked.

Your password and all account passwords are encrypted as a standard CoveritLive information security practice, and we have no evidence that an unauthorized individual has actually retrieved, or is using such data. However, out of an abundance of caution we recommend that if you registered for CoveritLive using an email address and password combination that you use for other online accounts, you should immediately create unique passwords or new login credentials for those other sites and accounts.

We take this matter very seriously and will continue to work to ensure that all appropriate measures are taken to protect your personal information from unauthorized access. We also would like to take this moment to remind you of a couple of tips that should always be followed:
Do not open emails from senders you do not know. Be especially cautious of “phishing” emails, where the sender tries to trick the recipient into disclosing confidential or personal information.
Do not share personal or sensitive information via email. Legitimate companies will not attempt to collect personal information outside of a secure website.
We regret any inconvenience that this password change process may cause you. Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions.

Source : TechCrunch

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CoveritLive, as the name denotes, is an online blogging platform that will let users to stream data in live action. With the top media giants like ESPN, BCC, Yahoo!, Washington Post using this platform to power their content live, CoveritLive is one of those top used and helpful media streaming sites out there. CoveritLive is owned by Demand Media, a popular media company in this world, which loves to share what people like to know.