Nokia Lumia 900 Priced at $99.99 on AT&T – Hits on March 18

Windows Phone fans, rejoice. It’s just a matter of time and you will get a chance to lay your pretty hands on that awesome looking, stylish, feature and fun filled Nokia Lumia 900, unveiled at the recent CES. Brought together by Nokia and Microsoft, the mobile phone is up the ladder to bit the other demons out there. The smartphone is en route to hit the top place in the smartphones niche. As you read in the title, the smartphone is now all set to be sold at a mere $99.99 with AT&T.


The low price has took the fans by surprise. While Nokia has set the price tag at $99.99 with a two years contract, people out there believe that Nokia will market this mobile phone more aggressively than ever. This information came from Boy Genius Report, and it says that, a source well informed to the company tipped of it.

With Nokia sinking in the U.S., this new mobile phone is about to prove Nokia’s emergence back in the U.S. According to the official, the mobile phone’s cheap price is set to get huge fans in the U.S. Also, as said earlier, this mobile phone comes with a two year contract with AT&T, an U.S. based company. Chris Weber, president of Nokia America, says,

The Nokia Lumia 900 is designed specifically with the U.S. in mind and the announcement of this collaboration with AT&T, in addition to other recent announcements, signifies a new dawn for Nokia in the U.S.

The mobile phone comes with a pretty large sized 4.3″ inches AMOLED screen. The phone runs on a 1.4 GHz Scorpion CPU. The mobile phone comes with a pretty cool 8MP Carl Zeiss camera. If you might have noticed, the Lumia 900 looks similar to the Nokia 800, expect in the screen resolution. While Lumia 800 was 3.7″ inches, this latest, most anticipated one comes with a 4.3″ inches screen.

Also, the mobile phone comes with LTE connectivity that proves to be a success with AT&T’s 4G Network. With this in hands, you can download files at a stunning speed of 50MBPS while the upload speed goes up to 25MBPS. Also, it comes with HSPA+ support for networks without LTE connectivity.

While sources quote that the mobile phone will make appearance in the markets on March 18, other add that the mobile phone must pass the technical acceptance in time. The Nokia Lumia 900 hasn’t passed the technical acceptance yet. Once it is done, you will get to lay your hands on that pretty cool device.