Mac Vs PC – Who is Winning ? [Infographic]

Mac versus PC, always a great topic for discussion in tech forums and chatrooms, even in stage debates. Mostly, it’ll be a fight between the Apple and Microsoft fan boys.  This time we have got an infographic which discusses the pros and cons of both the sides. This infographic takes some features such as stability, compatibility, affordability, speed and more.


This ain’t much of a highly technical comparison, but it does a good job at comparing some standard aspects of both Macs and PCs from the viewpoint of a common man.

I couldn’t accept with a few points mentioned over here in this infographic. But I am not sure over my thoughts on those topics. So I put this infographic in front of your eyes. Take a look at it and share what you think about it. Let us have an useful discussion on who is really winning.

Hope this would have given you a little idea about this, now it is time to share what you think with us. Comment below !