Make Your Android Look Like iPhone With Espier Launcher

Most of the Android users out there have been struggling to make their Android device look more like iOS devices, most commonly like that of iPhone. iPhone comparatively has a better user interface and that’s the thing that makes the Android fans to transform their Android device into an iPhone.


Now, here’s an awesome mobile phone desktop software that transforms Android devices with version 2.2 Froyo or higher. This new software makes it much easier to use the shortcut icons or folders. It also makes uninstalling programs easier. Holding an app icon for a few seconds takes you to the Jiggle/Edit mode where you can easily delete apps, move apps and more.

This new Espier Launcher doesn’t stop with just copying the interface from iPhone. It adds one more awesome feature called the natural gestures features that lets you navigate your interface with ease. Sliding your finger up will take you to the taskbar and sliding it to the left takes you to the settings page and more.

In the words of Espier Studio, it came be put as “Espier launcher is a mobile phone/tablet desktop software based on Android 2.2 or above version. It brings you the new Android operating experience. For example, it’s easy to operate shortcut icons, folders, and function switches. You can manage multi task and uninstall programs conveniently. Also the natural gestures operation gives you smooth and fluent user experience.

Until now, this Espier Launcher has 2300K+ downloads. Though this launcher was launched only the in the mid-October, it seems to have gathered a huge fan base in a matter of days. Seems pretty awesome, doesn’t it?

So, what are you waiting for? Download this launcher and install it in your Android device. On installing, show off to your friends that you own an iPhone, not exactly.