Managed IT Service Providers

Managed IT Services

5 Reasons to Outsource Your Business’ IT Tasks

When it comes to running a small business, IT can be a tricky subject. On one hand, technology can make day to day operations much easier. But on the other hand, a business that is just starting out may not have the need nor the means to have a real IT infrastructure. Because not every small business is reliant upon technology to complete day to day operations, hiring an IT person, or team can become a bit of a problem for small business owners. This is where outsourcing comes in.

Managed IT Service Providers offer various services and specific skills to cater to the needs of many small business owners.


Some of the business IT tasks that are offered include:

  • Application management and monitoring
  • Installing and maintaining phone systems
  • Setting up access to company Email servers
  • Cybersecurity services
  • Data storage management services
  • Backup and data recovery services.
  • Typically the small business owner will sign a contract with the provider of their choice that can meet all of their needs.


Here are 5 crucial reasons why small business owners should outsource their IT needs:


1. Reduces Overhead Costs

Seeing as not every small business relies on technology to run, it may not be cost-effective to take on a permanent IT person. In larger companies, there can be more of a demand for an on-staff IT person or team because those companies may rely more on technology to perform day to day operations. “By outsourcing to an IT service provider as opposed to hiring an IT person full time, small businesses can save a lot of money, as the service is only paid for when required” as commented by CBM Corporate.


2. Managed IT Service Providers Have Specialist Skills

When a small business has an in-house IT team, the scope of the potential projects is limited to what the skillset of the in-house team can bring to the table. When outsourcing IT services, small business owners can look for contractors that offer specialised services for whatever project they may need. For example, a small business owner may be looking to make sure their confidential, proprietary information is secured and stays that way. If the IT staff on hand has no cybersecurity knowledge, this could be a roadblock in addressing the imminent issue.


3. Helps to Increase Productivity

Small business owners have enough to worry about daily, that they can often have their hands full! Just making sure the business stays afloat is a full-time job in itself, but add in the task of having to focus on IT related problems as well, just adds to the headaches that they already face. Outsourcing IT services can free up the owner to focus on more important things like the core day to day operations of the business.


4. More Efficient

Routine IT tasks can be arduous, time-consuming and repetitive. Staff may find these tasks demotivational and boring, and potentially may not be experts in the area. All these mentioned are factors that may contribute to these tasks not being completed as efficiently as possible. By outsourcing to IT contractors, the tasks get completed more efficiently, and instead staff can focus their time on tasks that they enjoy.

Furthermore, another factor that can hinder the efficiency of addressing IT issues in-house is resources. A lack of resources in the form of access to top-of-the-range software and overall employee knowledge can mean small businesses could waste time doing long-winded tasks or training employees in specific areas.


5. Managed Risk

Imagine you hire an in-house IT specialist, and at some point in the foreseeable future, they resign. Well all the costs that you’ve incurred for recruitment and training, have just walked out the door with them. Operations could potentially be disrupted whilst you scramble to fill the vacant position and then more expenditure is required for training the new member of staff. All these bring a greater level of risk to the business.

By outsourcing your IT tasks, you can rest assured knowing that the costs will remain consistent and you carry little to no risk.

Managed IT Service Providers

Managed IT Service Providers

These are just a few of the reasons why a small business owner should outsource their IT needs. In review, outsourcing IT services saves small businesses money, increases their productivity, provides flexibility and efficiency and helps to decrease the risk which the business takes on. At the crux of the matter, unneeded expenditures can be the difference between a successful business and a failing one.