Mark Zuckerberg Joins Pinterest?

A brand new, shiny account in Pinterest has recently made the tech world go wild and caused a huge stir. With the account name sporting the name Mark Zuckerberg, most of the geeks and social media freaks have started wondering whether the Facebook CEO and Founder, Mark Zuckerberg, has joined Pinterest, adding it to the list of social networking sites he is on.


If you are new to the name Pinterest, it is yet another social networking site for your use. It is a digital, online virtual board that will let you pin things that you love. Pinning lets your followers on Pinterest know those things that you love or love to do. In simple words, it is a site where you can pin all those interesting things that you come across in this big tech world, by means of images.

As of now, this so-called Mark Zuckerberg account is seen to be sporting 12 boards, 3 pins and 1 like. Therein lies all those things that prove to be Mark Zuckerberg favorites. A closer look at his profile quotes the fact that he loves the movies Moneyball and Bridesmaid. On the other hands, his favorite fastest growing companies include his own Facebook coupled with Boku and one more. Take a look at his profile to know more.

If you remember well, he is also said to own an account on Google+. With Google and Pinterest being the top Facebook rivals, does it mean that the Facebook CEO is joining each site with a view to check out each competitor’s site or just use it as everyone does. With no update in his verified Google+ account, the name seems to have impressed more than 633K users, who have circled him as of now.

What’s your thought? Do you think that this newly created account is possibly the Facebook founder’s? Share your thoughts with us below in the comments section and also make sure to know that, if it is the real Mark Zuckerberg, a news might pop in his official Facebook account.