Mashable Bought by Conan O’Brien: April Fools Prank? [Updated]

News is abuzz on the web that the multi billion dollars American-based social media and technology news company Mashable has been bought by Conan O’Brien. As known to all, Conan O’Brien happens to be one of those best American comedians and film stars the world has ever seen. If the reports are true, Mashable would soon be getting in the hands of Conan from Pete Cashmore, the iconic man who founded Mashable when he was a teen. And also, take a look at what Google is doing to prank people on this great day.


As of now, Conan seems to be really busy updating the details in every social media site out there. If you visit right now, you will notice that the header at the top has been changed from the blue color to a stunning orange color. Not only the header, it orange color everywhere. Near the name “Mashable” lies a funny text “Powered by Conan O’Brien“. Funny, right? And also, the official Mashable Twitter account @mashable. The account too sports the background picture in orangish color with all the other social media links below. Also, it seems like Conan has tweeted a tweet – look down. You will find it really funny! #Conashable! LOL.


Also, the news came first on YouTube with this video on. The below video shows Conan O’Brien too excited about his Mashable purchase. It seems like his is tired of digging on the web for the latest technology and gadgets’ news while Mashable proves to be the first in major cases and he wanted to buy it. Right before two hours, Mashable got into his hands. Check out the video below. You will be really stunned to see that Conan bought the site for a mere $3500 bucks!

Well, if the reports are true, it is certainly ‘Conashable’ henceforth. Or if the on the other hand, it might be a prank from the Mashable team marking the April Fools Day. We are not quite sure yet but it is pretty certain that the majority of the fans believe that it’s a prank from Mashable. If it is a prank, Mashable ought to do a lot better next time. Agree?

[stextbox id=”alert”]Conan O’Brien Resigns![/stextbox]

Well, the play did turn out to be interesting. Today morning, Conan O’Brien resigned as the CEO of Mashable and the leadership has been restored to Pete Cashmore.