Maximize Patient’s Safety with these 5 Healthcare Apps

Maximize Patient’s Safety with these 5 Healthcare Apps

Healthcare, much like everything else, has gone digital! Gone is the era when patients waited around for the doctors to see them. Many new healthcare apps allow for photo messages, video calls, digital diagnosis, automatic input and analysis of body information to identify any abnormalities and medicine dosage information.

All this has been made possible by the healthcare mobile app industry, which though quite young; is experiencing tremendous growth, with a projected annual increase of 33.5% from 2015 till 2020. The use of mobile healthcare apps is also significantly simplifying healthcare operations, expanding their reach and increasing their depth of assistance for both physicians as well as patients worldwide.

According to statistics; the global market for medical practitioners who professionally make use of mobile healthcare apps is forecast to reach a staggering USD 26 billion by 2017.

Currently, nearly 52% of all smartphone users actively use their phones to access health-related information. This shows that there is tremendous margin to improve overall patient well-being, reduce avoidable emergency scenarios and efficiently provide medical services by utilizing healthcare apps. And we see mobile medical apps doing just that! Research indicates that the use of mobile medical apps has reduced readmission rates by 92% and ER visits by an astonishing 87%.

One of the major advantages of mobile healthcare apps is that they increase patient safety manifolds by providing patients with technical tools as well as informative resources to improve their health conditions as well as detect the presence of a heath issue. For patients with quickly deteriorating medical conditions, these applications not only keep a constant check on vital signs but also intimate emergency contacts, should their condition worsen.

In other cases, these apps provide users with self-assessment and self-monitoring provisions, dosage instructions and latest medical resources pertinent to their condition. Moreover, these applications also help caregivers look after friends and family who are suffering from ailments. Let us have a look at 5 essential medical apps that can be used to significantly increase patients’ safety:


1. Epic Mychart:

Epic Mychart is a holistic means of ensuring proper healthcare. Through this app, patients of virtually any disease can remain under the constant care of their physician, track their own condition as well as access their family’s healthcare information.


Epic Mychart offers information pertaining to your health, your family’s health, regarding available appointment with trusted physicians, you’re current medication, immunization history, access to lab reports. Moreover, users can join self-tracking programs and regularly upload their health information so that they can improve and avoid any deterioration in condition.

An important feature that improves patient security is the provision of accessing your family’s healthcare information. This allows caregivers to remain aware of the condition of their loved ones as well as assist and support them. Epic Mychart also offers the provision of staying in touch with your physician for consultation and advice and offers self-tracking programs which patients can enroll in to upload their health and fitness information and remain under constant check. Patients can also pay their medical bills via this application.


2. LiveHealth Online:

LiveHealth online a tele medical service that allows users to call physicians via a video call. This is extremely helpful in securing patient health as it allows for instantaneous contact with doctors in case of emergencies.


LiveHealth Online offers video calls to physicians. It also provides individuals with hectic schedules the opportunity to conveniently have regular checkups with their physician.  Moreover, users can also receive prescriptions directly from their physicians.


3.  ICEard:

ICEcard sets itself apart from other patient security apps by providing users the invaluable option of instantly communicating emergency situations to friends and family. This specific functionality makes it ideal for patients of diseases which involve sudden deterioration of condition.


The app stores medical information that can be utilized by rescuers and physicians, if the user is ever involved in an emergency situation. This information includes medications, disease history, allergies, etc. It also allows users to maintain a list of family and friends who the user can intimate, in case of an emergency. The emergency alarm is triggered by an alarm button that uses GPS to communicate the patient’s location to all contacts.


4. BrainTest:

BrainTest offers a self-administered test that reliably checks thinking and memory functions. This application is extremely useful in identifying early signs of mild-cognitive impairment that may be caused by dementia other cognitive diseases. The app holds tremendous importance for anyone related to a patient of Alzheimer’s disease or any other form of dementia as research indicates a probability of genetic transfer of these diseases among blood relations. Moreover, dementia is currently incurable and can only be curbed via an early intervention and consequent treatment. Hence, for any individual who is at risk of developing dementia, is caring for a dementia patient or feels any kind of cognitive difficulty; BrainTest is an ideal tool enabling early diagnosis and treatment.


BrainTest is based on the Self-Administered Cognitive Exam (SAGE), which is an internationally acclaimed self-managed cognitive identification instrument used to test for mild cognitive impairment (MCI). The test can easily be taken in a matter of minutes by patients as well caregivers.


5. AARP Rx:

AARP Rx is a medical tool kit that provides users a singular platform to save their medical information and provides a number of savvy features to allow users to maintain their health in a meticulous manner. This information proves life-saving in critical situations by providing healthcare providers with detailed information about the patient’s health condition and medical history.


AARP Rx offers a platform to maintain all medical information including health condition, symptoms, medication, insurance details, medical contacts, etc. and provides alarms to ensure that users regularly take their medication. It also reminds users about refilling prescriptions and offers advice from healthcare experts about maintaining a good health and fighting illness.

Users can also use their phones’ cameras to scan the labels on prescription bottles, OTC medications or supplements to retrieve and maintain a detailed medical list including medicine name, dosage and refill information. It also offers a Calendar; to keep track of medical appointments, a Notes section; to jot down all significant medical details and the option of sharing access information with trusted individuals to facilitate them in doing all that is necessary during emergencies.


Online Health Care:

Stay informed of the latest health care options that are available on line these days.  It is helpful to be aware that you can use these applications conveniently used to secure yourself as well as your loved ones.




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