Meet Mr.Android [Infographic]

In this world of tech and gadgets, the fight continues to grow between those operating system each gadget runs on. As known to all, Google and Apple being one of those big rivals out there, have their operating systems in the same position. While most of the people love Apple devices, there is no denying that Android is indeed awesome too. In fact most of the devices out there run on Android these. Tablets, smartphones and lot more are powered by the internet giant, Google’s, Android. Android has indeed revolutionized the world we live in.


As you read in the title, here is an infographic from BlueStacks, an application player for PC, has come up with an infographic titled “Mr.Android 2011”. Based on the information obtained from the poll results on their Facebook page and Nielsen, the folks have done a commendable job in making an ultra cool, colorful infographic hinting the major characteristics of a typical Android fan or user.

According to the reports, if you come across a boy along the street, wearing glasses and sporting a stylish average or lengthy hair, you can easily confirm the fact that he is indeed an Android user and bump him with questions related to Android and inquire about the latest Android gadgets. Also, it is also reported that most of the Android geeks out there, sport a normal sized head while a small figure of 18% sport unusually large sized head. The infographic has made itself awesome by presenting the facts in an interesting manner. Do take a look at the full infographic and drop in your comments.

Via [BlueStacks]